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Hawaiian Mazes

I wanna meet tomorrow
Yesterday made me a fool today
I tried my best to follow
But you moving too fast on ya daddy long legs
You say I'm destined to live in stories
I can't let go 2008
You say my nostalgia grows when I don't even know
That the way you're proposing to say my name
I gotta let you go
I'm letting you know
I gotta let you go
Baby now I know
You think about our ending
I think about when I met you though
Dad says I'm just pretending
Said that I'm just scared that I'll end up alone
I walked around the Hawaiian mazes
I didn't care I forgot my bra
'Cause the dragon teeth ain't worried
About letting go of the tightness I hold on the rope like a soldier
I gotta let you go
I'm letting you know
I gotta let you go
Baby now I know
I make myself believe that I can go
'Cause we been up and over then below
For heaven sake
Would you leave
Shut the door
Let me go
Let you know why
It's gonna take a minute to unfold
The way that I've been feelings overtold
Telling me why you left and then complain you're alone and I don't know why
But babe it was something bout the way you loved me
Now I don't know
Now I don't know me anymore
I'm letting go
And you don't have to tell me twice
And you should know
I never needed your advice
I shoulda known back then
Now I know it's right
I gotta let you go
I gotta let you go
I gotta let you go
I gotta let you go

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Emotions take shape
(Of poetry),
Conquer bright hues
(And freedom),
Mind reveals a taste
(Like that one of)
A cherry splitting
(Inside your mouth),
So pouring
(It's sweet soul)
Now your singing comes head
Among the foliages of this nocturnal wood
As you rose and heard the noise of life
You loved who glorified it, in a fight, you knew,
With no end
Then nine sisters
The most wise
And noble you slip into
The mind of those who can
And maybe tell of deeds
That sound among this swarming
You sang so the worth wouldn't melt
Like foam into the sea
But gave light to the new men's way...
Hardly you sing, all imposing
Shadows stand out of past and future heroes,
Ever alive
Across the time and the space

My Dearest

So everything that makes me whole,
I dedicate it all to you, and more.
I'm yours.
This is the first time I've smiled so much.
It's been so long since I felt happiness.
On my own...
I've always walked alone... but now I know.
Despite my mistakes and all the madness,
I'm sure I've endured the sadness,
For you.
And I'll always, be true.
No matter what the destination or where the path we take may lead,
We'll be okay,
There's nothing in our way,
I'll be fine as long as you're right here with me.
I know I'm not alone now...
And looking in you eyes,
There are no good byes,
No lies.
You and I have something special,
Something that we must both protect.
Sometimes we'll be vulnerable,
But in those times, please don't forget.
When darkness tries to swallow you,
I will guide you back into the light.
[ oct ] I won't give up -- I can't give up,
For you, I won't give up the fight!
When you feel like you're breaking,
Please remember that I'm by your side.
When you feel all hope is lost,
I promise it will be alright.
And everything that makes me whole,
I dedicate it all to you, and more.
I'm yours.

Ram of Fire

In the blistering heat
They dance and shout for rain
Inhale the soul of herbs
and drain the poison of reality
Killing of a ground hornbill
In sight of the fire eye
For all to hear and see
The heavens wail in sorrow
Summoning of rain doctors
To guide the lightning rays
With enchanted sticks
Covered in animal fat
At the time of rainfalls end
They'll travel to the rainbows end
The point where it meets the earth
In search of cattle and riches
At the rainbows end
What will they find?
Treasure or death?
What will they find?
Horns - Piercing their soul
Fierce - Everlasting flame
Its fire - Consuming them whole
Only death will they gain


Eliminate, the life decline...
I've paid the masters with blood and hunger
...And it's not for sale by any stretch.
It's like religion without a Bible
And the Dragon lives inside my mouth
And it speaks in tongues, the word...
Hellbound - in Ft. Worth, Texas
Hellbound - Ft. Worth
Snakes, in Southern flames
To bring the thunder; the great decider
Would you believe in this or the ash?
I do believe it and it's taking over...
Born to a world so young and proud
But over your head hangs a black cloud
Grow your hair and crawl inside yourself
Because there you cannot hide
Facing fears that you'll overcome and one
Of these years you know you've won